Thursday, August 30, 2012


Lots of slithery, snakey fun with this rhyme:

ONE little snake looking for something to do
He finds another and that makes TWO.
Two little snakes wrapped around a tree,
Another slithers up and that makes THREE.
Three little snakes by the garden door,
They see another and that makes FOUR.
Four little snakes notice one more arrive,
Basking in the sun, the snakes make FIVE.
(rhyme credit: Storytime Magic)

And here's a good song to use, which you could also use various flannel pieces for:

The snake in the grass went ssss, ssss, ssss, the snake in the grass went ssss, all day long.
The turtle on the rock goes snap, snap, snap . . .
The frog in the pond goes ribbit, ribbit, ribbit . . .
The bee in the tree goes buzz, buzz, buzz . . .
The rabbit in the hole goes hop, hop, hop. . .

Today's flannel friday is hosted by Notes from the Story Room, and the Flannel Friday website is always a great place for details!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pete the Cat

No new ideas here, but I still wanted to share my version of ol' Pete the Cat!  I used the "stiff" felt from Hobby Lobby - they sell it in the most perfect shade of blue for cool Pete.  Can't wait to use it this fall!

Check out Flannel Friday's website for more information on Flannel Friday; Mollie is this week's host!
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