Thursday, March 8, 2012

Flannel Friday: House storytime

I love houses! (real kind & flannel kind)

Here's a cute little rhyme from Finger Tales by Joan Phelps where you build a house with shapes:

Some Houses are wood,
And some are stone.
But let's build one
With shapes alone.
Start with a square
But we won't stop.
Add a triangle
up on the top.
Then a rectangle
for the door.
Now square windows
1, 2, 3, 4!
A little circle
just for fun.
Now our shape house
Is all done!

Though I like the rhyme, I sort of threw it out the window and had the kids help me build the house. We talked about which shapes were which and where they would go. It was so adorable because one little girl put a window on the roof (you know, an attic window!) and another little girl had a fit over that idea - "no, no! we need four windows on the bottom!"

This little flannel is for matching the animal to its home.  I had the homes on the board and then the kids guessed what animals lived inside.  Bee & hive, rabbit & his hole in the grass, turtle and its shell, horse and barn, dog and his dog house, and a bird and her nest. (Not pictured: an owl and a tree).  I made up a little song to introduce the houses:

Oh I have a house, a very fine house
And this house is called a ______ (hive)
Who, who lives in a hive?
Who, who lives in a hive?

I repeated the last lines until a child was chosen and they picked out the correct animal.  Though the song was made up (and not very good!) many kids caught on and were singing with me by the 2nd or 3rd animal.


  1. This is a perfect house. I love hearing about the attic window..and the no no no girls!! It is amazing how we all see the world...organized, disorganized, traditional, abstract!
    Wonder what would happen if each of the square windows was a different color?!

  2. What a wonderful shapes flannel! I will definitely have to explore the book it came from. :-) Thanks for sharing!

    I LOVE your animal homes flannel. Such detail! And cute song! I know my storytime friends would enjoy this activity.


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