Friday, November 16, 2012

There was an old lady who...swallowed a pie

Happy Thanksgiving! Here's my favorite story to tell: I know an old lady who swallowed a pie by Alison Jackson.

No surprise and I'm sure some of you talented people have flannelized it.  I enjoy telling this with my old lady puppet.  My pieces are laminated paper and they slide (pretty) easily into her belly.  The kids get a MAJOR kick out of seeing the 10 layer cake, especially, go all the way down.  (The words to the story, by the way, are written on the backs of all these pieces.  Shhhhhh!)

There are some fun storytelling techniques you can do with this story.  The kids always repeat the final refrain "that Thanksgiving pie that was MUCH TOO DRY!"  As the story progresses and you are adding more and more items, I also like to sway from side to side as I'm telling it and the kids join in on this.  It is also fun to do a low and grumbly voice for the cider "that wiggled and jiggled and tickled inside her."

Older preschool children enjoy this and I've found it to be absolutely perfect for kindergarten and first grade.

Flannel Friday is today!  The Flannel Friday website is a great place for information.  Tracey at 1234 More Storytimes is the lovely hostess for today.


  1. Great idea. I have that old lady doll and I love that book. Thanks for the tip!

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