Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Three Little Pigs

I did a Pig Storytime this week and we had a good time with the Three Little Pigs.  I have some fabric houses that I use for a variety of things, but they were originally made for this story and these finger puppets.  The fabrics are representational, ah hem, of bricks, sticks and straw.

Doing a finger puppet show for a group of kids is not the best medium, but I did it on purpose. I did it to model for them what they could do with their craft for the day.  I think that's important.  Yes, we do a lot of really neat things in storytime and we have kinds of neat props and puppets.  I told them "those finger puppets are really silly, aren't they?  But they're so fun! And YOU can do this yourself at home!"

My group is a daycare, so the teachers took their "stick puppets" to pass out later in the day.  Oh my, these kids were sooo excited over them, and I had little voices ringing out all over asking "where's my pigwolf??"

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